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Precision parts

You have high expections of us? So do we!

Our speciality: Precision parts production with high vertical range of manufacture

For more than 15 years, precision parts production with a high vertical range of manufacture has played a central role among our services. 

Whether prototypes or serial parts, we know how to use our machines to implement the requirements of our customers. 

Added to this is our expertise in materials such as (stainless) steel, non-ferrous metals, tool steel, hard metals, special materials, as well as hardening, coating processes and surface finishing. We provide you with “everything from a single source”!

Our highly qualified employees have all the technical and professional capabilities to process the entire range of materials from soft to hard for you. 

We have fully automated many of our machines so that small and medium-sized series can also be implemented economically. 

Know-how, precision and the high vertical range of manufacture are the advantages of WTN

Our production range includes

  • All kinds of machine attachments
  • Spare parts for forming machines
  • Prototypes of small and medium series
  • Parts for test equipment construction
  • Precision parts for fixture manufacturing, including design and PLC

You can also expect the following from us

  • Detailed advice, e.g. regarding material selection, etc.
  • Optimisations
  • Post-processing of 3D printed metal parts
  • Surface refinements/coatings

Do you have a question about our range of services? Then give us a call: +49 (0) 7932 9120-0.
We are also happy to advise you in a personal meeting.

Wolfgang Herrmann Technischer Kundenberater