Precise electrochemical metal machining (PECM for short) is a cold, contactless removal process with a vibrating electrode and controlled working gap, which enables the material to be dissolved in a targeted and controlled manner. This technology can be used to produce parts that require the highest precision and efficiency.

A pulsed direct current, which flows to the workpiece via the electrolyte, is applied between the electrode and the workpiece to be processed. The workpiece is anodically dissolved according to the geometry of the following electrode. The dissolved metal components are rinsed away by the flowing electrolyte.

This technology therefore enables the precise shaping of almost all metallic materials, regardless of their hardness.

Step 1

Open the working gap; the fresh electrolyte is added. 

Step 2

Close the working gap. The tool electrode and workpiece approach each other to within a few microns. A controlled current pulse is triggered. At this moment, the surface of the material is anodically removed. 

Step 3

Open the working gap. The electrolyte is rinsed out of the working gap with the removal products. 


No process-related electrode wear
With a uniquely manufactured electrode, an almost unlimited number of identical parts can be produced. This method is therefore very suitable for small/large series and prototype production.
Roughness up to Ra 0.05 µm possible
A finishing of the tool is therefore no longer necessary.
Scaling, sizing and polishing in one operation
Different electrodes are not required during the working process and electrodes do not need to be changed.
No white layers
The tool has a longer service life as this process does not produce white layers.
No temperature penetration into the material structure
As there are no thermal or mechanical loads due to the process, no structural changes or microcracks occur on the tool. In addition, there is no heat-induced tool distortion.

Process sequence

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1. Project meeting

The experts in our various specialist departments work hand in hand during project planning, combining proven and new technologies. In this way, we take the PECM process into consideration in the design of your forming tools and precision parts, providing you with maximum benefit.

2. Blank and electrode production

Due to our process knowledge and our high vertical range of manufacture, all necessary blanks, devices and, above all, the electrodes can be produced in our own tool shop. We therefore have the possibility to support you in all process determination phases.

3. PECM Impression

With our PEM600 (working area 600 x 500 x 400 mm) and our PEM800 (working area 800 x 600 x 500 mm), we can form your products from a batch size of 1 piece.

4. Quality assurance

The various possibilities of our quality assurance also ensure that your tools are tested with the optimum measuring method.