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CNC turning

  • Hard machining of tool steels and hard metals up to 70 HRC​
  • Driven tools with Y-axis and counter spindle

CNC milling

  • Up to 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • CAM programming/3D free-form surfaces
  • Hard machining of tool steels up to 63 HRC

CNC turning/milling centre

  • Synchronous machining with counter spindle for efficient combination machining in a single process

CNC grinding​

  • Surface, round, face and profile grinding
  • Internal and external non-round grinding up to 2.5D
  • Oil-based cooling lubricant for best surface qualities

Quality assurance

  • CNC 3D measuring, including 3D scanning, multisensor (tactile, optical and contactless measuring)
  • 4-axis CNC contour and roughness measurement
  • Image processing coordinate measuring machine

HSC milling

  • With automation solution 24/7
  • CAM programming/3D free-form surfaces
  • Hard machining of tool steels up to 68 HRC and carbide

Wire/die-sinking EDM

  • With automation solution 24/7
  • Wire EDM in water and oil bath for best surface qualities without corrosion
  • Die-sinking EDM, including own electrode production from copper/tungsten copper
  • Including special forms, such as Taptite® 2000

PECM process

  • Cold, contactless removal process
  • No structural change (microcracks/white layers)
  • Surface quality up to Ra 0.05 μm
  • Imaging accuracy up to 10 μm


  • Flow, ultrasonic polishing
  • Honing
  • Microblasting
  • AERO LAP method
  • Laser marking