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3D-printing method

After successful implementation of the PECM technology, the trend-setting 3D metal printing technology has now entered WTN.

With the help of 3D metal printing, also known as “additive manufacturing,” complex components – which convince due to their lower weight and greater functional scope – can be produced within a very short time.

You send us your requirements, and we produce your prototypes and serial parts. Taking our wide range of manufacturing processes into account, we always look for the optimum and most cost-effective manufacturing option for you. 

Mit 3D Metalldruck erstelltes Logo von Werkzeugtechnik Niederstetten WTN

Process sequence

1. Process preparation

Zwei WTN-Mitarbeiter die auf einem Bildschirm

We offer you a continuous process chain: from consulting and design to additive manufacturing, including various finishing options and the finished component. 

2. Selective laser melting (SLM) method

3D Metalldrucker der bei WTN - Werkzeugtechnik Niederstetten eigesetzt wird

In selective laser melting, the metal to be processed is applied in powder form in a thin layer on a base plate. The powdery metal is completely remelted by laser radiation and forms a solid material layer after solidification. After solidification, the base plate is lowered by the amount of one layer thickness and metal powder is applied again. This cycle is repeated until all layers are remelted and the part is finished. Afterwards, the additively produced component is freed from excess powder and reworked if necessary. 

3. Post-processing

Bilder-Potpourri zeigt 6 verschiedene Nachbearbeitungsmöglichkeiten nach dem 3D Metalldruck

The functional surfaces of the 3D metal print components can then be reworked using all common metal processing methods:

4. Refinement

Bild zeigt die Veredelung eines Bauteils nach dem 3D Metalldruck

We also offer you the following finishing options:

Application examples

Internal cooling systems or lubrication systems


Manufactured from 1.2709

Weight reduction by means of topology optimisation (support structures)

Mounting fixture

Made of 1.4404 / plastic

Implementation of complex three-dimensional geometries


Manufactured from 1.2709

Gripper arm for robot

Manufactured from AMPO M789 stainless steel (thermosetting)

Greiferarm für Roboter
Hergestellt aus AMPO M789 Edelstahl (härtbar)

Gear wheels

Manufactured from AMPO M789 stainless steel (thermosetting)

Von WTN-Werkzeugtechnik Niederstetten im 3D Metalldruckverfahren hergestellte Zahnräder

Chain link

Manufactured from 1.2709

Markus Beck - Ansprechpartner für 3D-Metalldruck bei WTN-Werkzeugtechnik Niederstetten