The whole spectrum


Our manufacturing programme in the area of:
  • Dies
  • Punches
  • Basic tools
  • Complete tool sets
  • Accessories for rolling machines
  • Extrusion dies / Reducing dies
  • Tri-lobe dies
  • Shape dies
  • Segmented dies
  • Closure dies
  • Clamping dies


Carbide dies Shape dies, Carbide dies Shape die Extrusion die Tri-lobe dies Closure die Dies Clamping die Clamping collars, Dies with a carbide core
  • Preforming / Finishing punches
  • Trimming punches
  • Extrusion punches
  • Ejectors
  • Marking punches


Edgers, Punches Shape punches


Basic tools
  • Dies / Punch bushes
  • Backplates / Sideplates
  • Transfer finger
  • Shearing blade
  • Machine spare parts


Machine spare parts Brake plates, Ejection rods, Blockers Machine spare parts Transfer fingers Shearing blades, Transfer fingers
Complete tool sets

Apart from partial tools, we can also design and make complete tool sets for you. We are happy to provide you with more information on request.

Accessories for rolling machines
  • Feed rails
  • Rail end pieces
  • Pushers
  • Blockers


Rail end pieces,Pushers, Transport discs    
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